Flat Fee Pricing

Hourly vs Flat Fee Billing and Why I use a Flat Fee System

With an hourly billing system, you are billed by the hour. This means every time you call, email, or your attorney does anything on your case you are being billed. It is easy to accumulate a huge bill in a short amount of time if the attorney is doing a lot of work on your case or you have a lot of questions. The problem with this is it is impossible to know at the start of your case exactly how much you are going to end up paying your attorney.  Bigger problem is that it can get real expensive really fast.

With a flat fee system, you are charged a flat fee – a set specific amount for your case from start to finish. There are no surprises and you know up front the total cost of your case.

I prefer to use a flat fee system. I use it because I like the fact that it encourages clients to have open communications with their attorney and because the client knows exactly what their case will cost.   

I have been practicing law a long time.  I know how much time it takes to properly handle your case.  After discussing your case with you and learning the particular facts of your case, I am able to quote you a flat fee.   Ultimately, the amount of the flat fee boils down to one thing - how much work your case will require to properly represent you and give you the best shot of achieving your goals.  Cases that involve a small amount of work will cost much less than cases that are going to require a very significant amount of work.

To learn more about the benefits of a child custody lawyer offering flat fee attorney fees in Norman, Purcell, and Oklahoma City give me a call at 405-919-8355.  Know the total amount your case will cost up front.  No hidden fees.

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